suit1 W3S2 [su:t, sju:t US su:t] n
↑suit, ↑briefcase, ↑tie
2 bathing/jogging etc suit
4¦(office worker)¦
6 somebody's strong suit
[Date: 1200-1300; : Old French; Origin: siute 'act of following, group of helpers', from Vulgar Latin sequita, from sequere; SUE]
1.) ¦(CLOTHES)¦
a set of clothes made of the same material, usually including a jacket with trousers or a skirt
a grey light-weight suit
a business suit
a tweed suit
She was wearing a black trouser suit.
2.) bathing/jogging etc suit
a piece of clothing or a set of clothes used for swimming, running etc
3.) ¦(LAW)¦
a problem or complaint that a person or company brings to a court of law to be settled
= ↑lawsuit
Johnson has filed suit against her.
a civil suit
4.) ¦(OFFICE WORKER)¦ informal
a man, especially a manager, who works in an office and who has to wear a suit when he is at work
I bought myself a mobile phone and joined the other suits on the train to the City.
5.) ¦(CARDS)¦
one of the four types of cards in a set of playing cards
6.) sb's strong suit
something that you are good at
Sympathy is not Jack's strong suit.
in your birthday suit atbirthday
follow suit atfollow
suit 2
suit2 W3S2 v [T]
1.) to be acceptable, suitable or ↑convenient for a particular person or in a particular situation
Whatever your reason for borrowing, we have the loan that suits your needs .
There's a range of restaurants to suit all tastes .
There are countryside walks to suit everyone .
We have gifts to suit every pocket (=of all prices) .
Either steak or chicken would suit me fine .
The climate there will suit you down to the ground (=suit you very well) .
suit sth to sth
She had the ability to suit her performances to the audience.
2.) [not in passive]
clothes, colours etc that suit you make you look attractive
That coat really suits Paul.
Red suits you.
Jill's new hairstyle doesn't really suit her.
3.) best/well/ideally/perfectly etc suited to/for sth
to have the right qualities to do something
The activity holidays on offer are really best suited to groups.
land well suited for agriculture
the candidate most ideally suited to doing the job
4.) suit yourself
spoken used to tell someone they can do whatever they want to, even though it annoys you or you think they are not doing the right thing
'Mind if I sit here?' he said gently. 'Suit yourself.'
5.) suit sb's book
BrE informal to fit well into someone's plans

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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